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Prepare to get all the "Feels" from DIY HIFI's latest single

DIY HIFI is the new musical project helmed by former Bear Mountain member Ian Bevis. The project serves as a way for the producer to release his homemade records without having to go through the rigorous process of a label. His newest record titled "Feels" is a smooth groovy jam that masterfully blends together elements from house, disco, and funk.

The build-up is particularly striking as it starts with a standard four to the floor house groove before switching into a groovier funk pattern. The layered instrumentation is on point, with a little peppering of sampling here and there and a thick bass line that truly drives the track home. Overall, it generally stays on a mid-tempo energy, transitioning when it has to, while introducing new instruments in tiny doses. Sometimes less is more but "Feels" takes that mantra to a new plateau.

Ian Bevis is charting a new path in his music career since his split from Bear Mountain and DIY HIFI is the result. From the little we have heard, it definitely shows a more organic style as he is not bound by any genre or musical restrictions. "Feels" is the first single from his upcoming EP due to be released sometime in 2019.

Connect with DIY HIFI: Soundcloud |  Twitter 

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