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Winston Surfshirt keeps the wavey tunes rolling with "For the Record"

How the hell is Winston Surfshirt so impossibly cool? It doesn’t make sense. After the multi-piece Aussie band dropped Sponge Cake last year, the thought was that they said their piece and that was it. But oh no, Surfshirt is far from finished.

On their latest track “For the Record” Surfshirt brings the cool while waxing poetic to a loved one. And even though that style of record is nothing new, these guys figured out a way to make it sound fresh and cool as hell.

Surfshirt started off sounding like an Anderson .Paak from down under when they debuted. It was cool, but it didn’t entirely feel like their own style. Now, with “For the Record,” Surfshirt have found their groove and they are running with it.

“For the Record” starts with some muted horns, snaps and twinkling pianos before Winston’s woozy vocals waltz on into the scene. As soon as he makes an appearance, the walls of the song start to melt and sway along with his cadence. This isn’t just hip hop anymore; this is smooth hip hop. This is wavey like rolling swells at an uninhabited surf spot nobody’s ever heard of. It’s hammocks swaying on a summer’s breeze with a boombox playing nothing but the greatest hits in the background.

Since their minor stint as POLOSHIRT earlier this year, the Australian band has kept on the quiet side. Seeing as how we’ve got a new single, perhaps we can soon expect another full project or at least an EP? Who can say. 


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