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DROELOE and Fytch walk "Through The Storm"

Dancing in between genres with their unique sound design, Dutch duo DROELOE are rounding out their two-part taste-making series. Surging forward last month with a Sem collaboration in "Facing The Sea", the production duo have now released their newest electronic masterpiece "Through The Storm" with innovative French producer Fytch. Long time admirers of Fytch's unique creations and his multi-faceted capabilities as both a producer and vocalist, the collaboration is indeed a dream come true - the light at the end of a storm.

""Through The Storm" is an Oath," says DROELOE. "It's a promise to always be a light when the storms of life obscure the view of the shoreline. Sometimes all that you need is one person to promise to keep shining a light. This can be the difference between making it to shore safely or being dashed on the edges of a rocky coast." Indeed, the trio have flawlessly melded their sounds together for a daybreak in the stereoscape, painting a picture that reflects this beacon of hope and the sheer tenacity that follows with it. 

Melancholic guitar chords signature of a Fytch production opens the track, hooking listeners in with the producer's smooth vocals. Undeniably rock-influenced the beat progressively picks up with sprinkles of DROELOE's signature percussive beats and twinkling synths - effectively revolutionizing the track into something more future bass-centric. Rolling and undeniably flowing smoothly through the track's tonal peaks and valleys, both DROELOE and Fytch continue to transcend the boundaries of music genres for a fascinating collaboration.


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Connect with FytchSoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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