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Tabemono eats us up with "Motion Pictures" featuring Jae Luna

Glowing with dynamism and a uniquely familiar eclecticism, NYC-based nine-piece jazz hip-hop collective Tabemono reveals a delectably moving track aptly named "Motion Pictures", featuring fellow NYC-based artist Jae Luna.

Pronounced "Tah-Beh-Moh-Noh" (meaning food in Japanese), the band was founded in late 2016 by a group of music students attending NYU - several of whom had attended middle school together in Yokohoma, Japan. Gradually growing in size, the collective often features guest vocalists and instrumental soloists in addition to its nine full-time members. Sharing a mix of eight countries and three continents in between them, it's no wonder Tabemono draws influences from a myriad of genres, amalgamating it into a raw and genuine sound of friendship and shared values.

"Motion Pictures" is yet another smooth track to add to their repertoire, encapsulating jazz and hip-hop influences for a flourishing rhapsody. Opening with chillingly-sweet instrumentals and soft vocals, Tabemono draws us in with their immediately soothing ambiance and meandering composition. Though seemingly whimsical, the collective is masterful at controlling the flow, twinkling instrumentals easily intermingling with the powerful delivery of the emotive lyricism. Luna provides a beautiful accompaniment to the rolling melodies, his honeyed vocals effectively plucking at our heartstrings. Both Tabemono and Luna excel in their craft (as heard with utmost confidence), with Tabemono presenting another feat of emphatic jazz-hop mastery.


Connect with Tabemono: SoundCloudFacebook | Instagram
Connect with Jae Luna: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop · R&B · Rap


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