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Avant-garde duo TMBOY finds peace in newest release "Zephyr"

In a mesmerizing stereoscape where collusions of experimental production and vulnerable lyricism occur, Sarah Aument and Will Shore of TMBOY traverse it with utmost confidence and prowess. Their continuous efforts in bringing together the spirit and energy of dance music with the personal intimacy of songwriting, has earned them a humble and growing reputation in the industry.

Preceding their upcoming album Steam, the duo have released their third single from the aforementioned, aptly named "Zephyr". In contrast to their first singles, "Zephyr" is a much more downtempo and contemplative track, laden with vulnerable and raw emotions as they examine the complexity of identity.

Grappling with queerness, self-doubt and growth through early adulthood, Aument's highly emotive and innovative lyricism sheds light to the topic - perhaps, more so, sharing her own story to help others. Drenched with the feeling of overwhelming doubt and desire to find answers, Aument searched for her identity in a world harsh to those who are different. "I’ve found peace in the acceptance that there are no specific answers to resolve these existential questions," she shares. "This repeated process is something I need to go through to feel grounded."

The beautiful production of atmospheric fillers still retains a lively momentum and energy; opening with the cacophony of ocean waves, "Zephyr" immediately grounds us into the present, before breaking into a more intense backbeat. Shore's use of electronic instrumentals, juxtaposed with the extremely delicate vocals of Aument, makes for a highly unique cinematic track. Much like a movie, we start with a calm setting of soothing sounds, before progressively building up - the denouement an emphatic whirlwind of heart-wrenching croons.

TMBOY will be releasing their first full length LP Steam in February 2019. Steam will contain emotionally vivid pop music that you can dance to, with themes of queer love and self-discovery. 

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Photo credit: Justin Sirizzotti

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