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MistaDC takes aim at more than just his demons on "Get Out"

It’s hard to pinpoint what makes Seattle’s MistaDC such an inspiring artist to watch. There’s something about his vocals; they fill your speakers unlike any other artist out today. He knows how to pick the right producer, which contributes a lot to that aspect. But there’s something else on top of it, some x-factor that makes every DC track a winner.

DC’s latest release, “Get Out” falls into the category described above. The song is lush and overwhelming in the best way possible. Produced by Kyo-Ken and AndU, the song focuses on DC ridding himself of his demons. Inspired by his demons as well as the horrors that too many families have faced at the southern borders of the US, DC penned this song. “I had this vision of ICE as these dementor type individuals, sucking the life out of rooms. At the same time, I was personally dealing with a lot of inner demons. Get Out was inspired by the confluence of these two experiences.”

The video balances the dark topic with a slightly more playful setting. It finds DC in his bed, dressed like his younger self (helicopter hat and all) telling his demons (perhaps the boogie man) to “get out.” It’s a nice contrast that helps tie together his experience with the experiences of too many families down south.

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