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REZZ remixes Porter Robinson's "Divinity"

REZZ has dropped a remix of Porter Robinson's "Divinity" today via Twitter.

Taken from his 2014 album Worlds that now lives as near legend, REZZ has resurrected the track and announced its debut on Proximity's YouTube channel today. The remix itself finds itself somewhere in between the dark, grinding style we usually see of the Canadian artist and the intimate futuristic melodies Robinson is famous for. 

This is an unusual appearance for REZZ on remix duties, especially something outside of the darker realms of music. Her past work on tracks from Kill the Noise, No Mana, and The Glitch Mob are on par with her own style, but on "Divinity," we see her step outside of her comfort zone.

The remix follows the release of her spooky Halloween mix and her sophomore album earlier in 2018.

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