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Noah Slee & Delusion are back with the visuals for "Maybe" [Video]

Noah Slee & Delusion's awesome collab "Maybe" gets the visual treatment.

Noah Slee returned with a new single "Maybe" alongside German production collaborator Delusion a while back. The soulful groove serves as the perfect backdrop as Slee's buttery vocals take the vibes to new lofty heights. The track was featured on our bi-weekly playlist The Slice in case you missed it. The lovelorn track definitely has a nice emotional punch behind it, and topic that everyone can easily relate to.

The visuals, however, keep things simple with its message-driven aesthetics and throwback cutscenes that look like something out of a euro dance video from the late 90s/early 00s. I guess sometimes less is more in some cases. You can stream/buy "Maybe" here

Connect with Noah Slee: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twittter Instagram

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