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BVSSIC denounces 'Artificial Idiocy' in cynical EP

There is far too much ego floating around. That boasting ego comes with idiocy, which BVSSIC has vehemently denounced in his cynical new EP on Odio RecordsArtificial Idiocy.

Beginning with the title track, "Artificial Idiocy" plays with the stereo field and your mind with glitching effects, sinister build-ups, and fiery brass stabs. All of this unleashes into a monstrous drop filled with small yet relentless percussive elements. Grungy mid basses and sub basses pulverize everything. "Macabre" continues the eerie atmosphere, however, it's filled with pitched percussion. The drop is equally as fearless with uneasy basses and synths. The third track, "Tantrum Taker," is perfectly titled. This fierce new track moves into the drumstep realm with an unstoppable groove and synths that create an indecisive atmosphere. Lastly, "Death Bed" and "Wishful Gloom" polish this monster of an EP off with subtlety and bottomless basses. 

There's absolutely a futuristic sound to this flawless EP, and BVSSIC isn't taking any artificial idiocy for it.

Connect with BVSSIC: SoundCloud|Facebook|Twitter

Dubstep · Electronic


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