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The art of the hustle with indie elctro pop artist Disco Shrine

A fresh and exciting track indie/electro artist pop artist Disco Shrine has just released her highly anticipated single “Everyday”.  A follow up to her previous single “Up In The Air”, the song embodies the hard work and dedication that goes into achieving the “American Dream”. Showcasing pithy synths, passionate vocals and a pulsating hip-hop beat, the single coveys a powerful message. The sentiment behind the chorus “everyday on my own”, is that at the end of the day, we only have ourselves to get us where we want to go. Hip hop artist Omenihu adds an energetic vibrancy to the song through his use of skillful rhymes about the art of hustle. 

Los Angeles based Jessica Delijani, known as Disco Shrine, is first generation Persian-American and grew up in a very musical household. She began writing and performing at just 16, teaching herself the guitar and banjo. Now she’s gone on to become an official Lights and Music Collective DJ, touring all throughout the U.S. and performing at iconic parties such as Dance Yourself Clean and Candi Pop.

Disco shrine also thrives on having unique performances including having her upcoming record release at a Los Angeles laundry mat. With her high energy and synth pop sound,  Disco Shrine also stands out with her powerful lyrics and uplifting message.

Connect with Disco Shrine: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website 

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