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D.S. Wilson crafts a soothing piece of art during "Emma's Visit"

Multi-instrumentalist D.S. Wilson pops up on our radar with his newest jazz record titled "Emma's Visit". The Seattle based musician brings a wide range of styles to the forefront on this tune. He keeps a steady bassline that runs through the song as the nostalgia-inducing keys swirl around the staggered drums. There is so much to latch on here but another ear-grabbing element is the sax that actually drives the song for the most part. "Emma's Visit" is taken from his jazz collection titled 'Stella Rose' and was composed when his daughter Emma came visiting. 

Although D.S. Wilson focuses primarily on saxophone, piano, and keyboards, he is a versatile and talented composer, performer, recording artist and producer. A fun fact to share is that Wilson was a key member of the band Dolo who worked with Grammy-nominated producer John Custer before forging his solo career.

Connect with D.S. Wilson  : Soundcloud | Facebook | Website 



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