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AMERY slows things down with "You Know"

The Belgian singer AMERY may be young, but his music shows that he is ready to take off. His latest single, “You Know”, is an emotional slow jam - coming as a  change from his previous, more upbeat releases. "You Know" showcases an artist who is just as adept slowing things down and examining feelings as he is at firing up a dance floor.

“You Know” uses an effectively measured production from James Lowland to cultivate an intimate musical aesthetic, enhanced from the builds in energy with AMERY’s vulnerable vocals. In the song’s sparse opening moments with soft piano chords and some faraway vocals, one might think that this is just another pop ballad with overused chords and production techniques. Before long, though, AMERY and Lowland make their mark, particularly in the song’s undeniably catchy hook. The tasteful production, when paired with AMERY’s earnest singing and warm backup vocals, makes for a memorable song.

Perhaps the most poignant aspect of “You Know,” though, is its lyrical content. AMERY writes about the struggles of opening oneself up to a new romantic partner and taking the plunge of vulnerability despite past mishaps. The song presents an original take on a feeling that will feel familiar to so many of us. His writing and gentle yet empowered vocal delivery make “You Know” resonate emotionally and shows a promising future for AMERY.

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