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XY&O breaks this "Fever" with a chilled-out electro-pop track [Premiere]

What started as a fervent bedroom project at university, has now become a musical assemblage known as XY&O. The three-man group of Tudor Davies (keyboard, percussion), Skip Curtis (singer, songwriter) and Nick Kelly (guitar, bass), fuse elements of chillwave, alternative R&B, synth and electro-pop for sinfully sweet soundscapes. With a series of successful singles and headlined venues, XY&O continue to surge forward and flourish with their newest delectable delight "Fever", exclusively shared here at EARMILK ahead of its eminent release.

""Fever" is about healing,” says Curtis. “It's the realization that the only thing that's going to make you feel right is in the hands of another person." A track riddled with pleading croons, "Fever" lays down a metaphorical parable of sickness - the sickness we all have when we just want someone to look after us.

Sensually atmospheric, stunningly dreamy yet wistful, XY&O grabs at us with even the most subtle of details. Laden with organic instrumentals and melded synths, "Fever" is a delicate composition of harmonic pads and groovy backbeats that ensure a smooth sonic experience. The funkadelic guitar segments adds a unique edge to the otherwise reposed track, illuminating the infectious lyrics that tie everything together. From the mellow vocals to the pulsing, laid-back tempo, the resulting track is a stunning testament to XY&O's abilities, showcasing to the world their evolution as artists.

"Fever" will be officially released tomorrow, November 23rd.


Connect with XY&O: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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