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LAPP bares his soul on "Tennessee"

The versatile singer-songwriter LAPP is back with a new soul-baring single entitled “Tennessee.” The London-based artist who is known for his work with the bands Wild Rossa and the ’88 and The Loose Hearts now steps out on his own with an emotional song about identity and self-acceptance.

LAPP handles most of the work on “Tennessee” himself including the writing, performing, recording, and production duties. The overall sound is a marked change from his previous work as he opts for a more electronic approach to support his impassioned vocals. It’s a slow-churning production with spacious percussion and interweaving pads of sounds.

At the forefront of the track, though, are LAPP’s very personal vocals. Every note he sings cries of emotional turmoil as he writes about the struggles of being gay in an unforgiving environment. He tells the story of a young man who fell in love with another man at a young age, only to be disappointed later when his love interest denied their romance and tried to ignore his own sexuality. In LAPP’s own words, the song, “tells the story of people who are hated just for being in their own skin.” His raw vocals reflect someone with a personal connection to this tale, even if it may not be entirely autobiographical. His fiery singing and calculated production make “Tennessee” a poignant track with an intense emotional impact.

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