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G. King sails into the wind with his latest EP 'DEFIANCE'

Detroit’s own G. King challenges conventions on his latest EP, DEFIANCE, and in doing so walks away with a project that contributes to his artistic growth. 

Over five songs, G. King tries to defy your average rap song. In some cases, it’s a win. Take EP opener, “Continuation” or obvious single, “Gundam” as examples. Both of these song feature G primarily rapping with little to no chorus, except maybe a little piece of one at the end of “Continuation.” G’s bars are tight, his breath control steady (though he does lose his breath at one or two points but, hey, know your limits to break em, right?) and his productions are dark and angry. The resulting tracks are fun songs to dig into that put G’s ability to string together quick jabs front and center.

However, while he does rack up a couple wins, DEFIANCE is far from perfect. “Loaded Weapon” and especially his album closer, “Ultra” have solid potential but eventually fall flat thanks to G trying a little too hard to challenge the norm. Fuck cliches, but sometimes the adage, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” is worth respecting.

All of that said, DEFIANCE is a fun EP that showcases a rising talent out of the Detroit area. Because even if G strikes out on a song or two, at least he’s going down with his eyes focused well past the fences.

Connect with G. King: SoundCloud | Twitter



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