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CLAY tells the tale of her tangerine dreams turned "orange" nightmares

Have you ever been so incredibly fond of something only to have that very thing tainted to the point that you develop a complete distaste for it? CLAY captures the feeling of spoiled happiness with the quirky and impressionistic new video for “orange”.

Enveloped in the alluring sonic prisms of elegant vocals, chilled piano progressions and groovy strings, “orange” is a song about coming to terms with lost joy because of a bully’s greed. CLAY uses the colour orange as a metaphor - juxtaposing its innocent warmth with the cold natured, political-dosed rhetoric of chasing cheddar above all else. “orange”’s upbeat tune and colourful visuals set the tone for a playful aura, but when you dissect the layers of the song, you can’t help but be impressed with CLAY’s poetic and witty lyricism.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “orange”, CLAY details: “I wanted to write a song about Donald Trump, and this is what came into fruition. It has since taken on so many additional meanings. The colour orange is often associated with joy, light and happiness, and to me, given the current social climate, through all the hate, discrimination and injustice, these sentiments are hard to feel. This song is meant to be sung with two middle fingers up and a big smile on your face, as sometimes all you can do is either laugh or cry. While writing it, I did both.”

Written over the course of a politically divided year, “orange” finds CLAY refocusing her energy within and choosing to start a conversation on a topic that's hard to look past. It’s a song only fitting for the orange-tinged bad-blood that stained 2018.

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Ambient R&B · Indie Pop · Soul


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