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L30R drops a 4 track EP 'Wait.Down.Lights.Out'

Straight out of Long Island, NY comes rising emcee L30R withhis debut EP 'Wait.Down.Lights.Out'. The semi-personal project serves as a solid introduction to the emerging act as he pens a blend of experience-tinged raps with an unorthodox and laid-back yet entertaining style. The brevity of the project actually lends more to its strengths than anything else as, instead of beating around the bush, L30R sticks to his story from start to finish - maintaining an unapologetic viewpoint. The entire project was produced by his cousin Eitan Noyze who crafts a wide variety of soul-drenched soundscapes for the emcee to paint his vivid pictures over. From the military-styled drummings of "Wait" to the hazy vibes of "Lights", the malleability of the beats shows L30R telling wild stories delivered in a stoner like fashion.  This, however, is more evident on tracks like "Down" and "Out".  In a nutshell there is surely something for everyone in this delivery if you pay close attention.

Connect with  L30R : Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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