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Exmag releases "In This" on new EP via Majestic Casual [Video]

The funky trio Exmag is back with a groovy new release on Majestic Casual Records. With a sleek fusion of genres, their new track “In This” boasts an air of cool that’s fit for any party. Exmag teams up with singer Ehiorobo who brings a smooth kind of attitude to the mix. Ehiorobo describes the track as being all about “enjoying tha get down and respecting the reality around you.” The video for “In This” certainly matches the vibe if this were the anthem for the evening—shimmer and all.

“In This” comes alongside the spaced-out “Amável” to form Exmag’s new Glimpses Of A Vision EP. "Amável" is equally funky with synths and groovy bass. However when compared to its upbeat partner in crime, it's more of a chilled approach to the party. Both tracks are available now to stream or download from your favorite service.

Connect with Exmag: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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