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Mendo and Danny Serrano team up for explosive EP 'Bella'

With a plethora of illustrious releases under their belt, producers Mendo and Danny Serrano make their Sola debut with EP Bella. An explosive and fiery tech-house pairing, both "Bella" and "Haven" are embodiments of the genre, triumphant in slick beats and groovy tones.

Leading track "Bella" is a tribal club rhapsody meant for heavy dancing; permeating with infectious drums and a heavy percussive beat, the layered vocal chops are calls to the wild that instantly make you want to move. Maintaining a light-hearted, euphoric riff throughout, "Bella" is a for-sure crowd-pleaser. On the other hand, stepping into the darker realms of tech-house, "Haven" is a tantalizing track with wayward drum rolls that emphasizes the hurtling bass line for an eerie ambiance. Effortlessly building a heavy sonic atmosphere, it's evident that both Mendo and Serrano are talented producers and with both skillsets flawlessly melded together, it's become a guarantee they'll be ones to watch for.


Connect with Mendo: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook
Connect with Danny Serrano: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook

House · Tech House


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