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Mk.gee shares downcast, and drowsy "New Year" from anticipated 'Fool' EP

There's something intensely relaxing about "New Year." A soft, autumnal rouse that could help wake you in the morning. Mk.gee's latest is a sleepy, gentle, and intimate murmur.
Markedly different from previous single "Come On (You Know That I'm a Fool)" also included on his self-released Fool EP. "New Year" is a song to soundtrack the quiet moments of solitude, savouring often overlooked little things. "New Year" is the feeling of watching sunlight and dust, playfully dance from a window. All the while someone you love smiles secretly at you. In "New Year" Mk.gee's vocals are caught in an enchanting whisper. A prevailing hazy, warm, and cozy scene. Comfortable duvets of absorbing sound provide an inviting bliss you didn't know you sought. We're extremely happy to have found Mk.gee with a back catalogue of beautiful songs to share as a pillow. Keep an eye for Fool which comes alive everywhere tomorrow, 16th November.
Mk.gee live:
Sat. Nov. 24 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Moroccan Lounge

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