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Parish f/t and Daphne Willis find their “Release” in new video [Premiere]

Soulful and bold, “Release” is the newest product of Parish f/t, the solo project of producer and former Cage The Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parish. The song gets its passion and grit from the luscious vocals of Daphne Willis and its dynamic, raw visual, released today (November 15), is directed by Jason Denton.

“Release” truly feels like the work of a veteran musician — not in a way that feels predictable, but rather that freely pushes boundaries and experiments in ways that many starting out in the industry would be too afraid to do. The song begins softly over a simple guitar riff, as Willis sings with conviction about the panic and anxiety that weighs many of us down.

When the chorus drops, Willis pleads repeatedly, “I just need some release,” as the rock refrain pulses with electronic chirps that make the entire package both sonically refreshing and highly danceable. In a press release, Parish said that the track combines many of his favorite elements, including “nostalgic elements from the past that give us something a bit familiar but leaves us trying to put our finger on it.”

The visual itself seems almost like a mix between a lyric and behind-the-scenes video, showcasing the seamless collaboration that is at the heart of Parish f/t. Shot in a retro aesthetic, Willis belts into the microphone as Parish plays the guitar, cutting at certain moments to colorful graphics with lyrics. The musicians look very much at ease, which is a credit to the direction. “I always love and trust Jason’s video,” said Parish, who also worked with Denton for the video for his first single. “I feel like he was spot on again.”

Before “Release,” which dropped in late September, Parish f/t debuted with “What I Need,” which features vocals from American Idol alum Paul McDonald. After joining Cage The Elephant at 15, making three albums and going on countless world tours, Parish decided to go his own way and expand his horizons by making “pop music for rock stars.” He also writes and produces for artists including Lucinda Williams, Run River North and The Moxies in Nashville.

Stream and buy "Release" here.

Connect with Parish f/t: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

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