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Jynjo & DAEMON shower us with "Rain" collaboration

Jynjo has linked up with DAEMON, also known as Terrell Carter, for an upbeat electronic collaboration called "Rain." Taking advantage of subtle percussion, a deep plucking bass, and intricate vocal chops, Jynjo and DAEMON clearly water things down for the dance floor in this shimmering new track. 

Summer is now behind us, and winter's here. "Rain" brings those summer memories with friends and family back to the forefront of your mind. The fun and bouncy beats paired with DAEMON's sharp vocals allow you to indulge in a nostalgic summer. The track is Jynjo's first release this year, and a spectacular showcase of his innate ability to unleash an infectious beat and melody. 

"Rain" is Carter's debut single under his DAEMON moniker. He recently finished up acting on the TV show Empire. It's safe to say that both burgeoning artists are sure to have a thriving career. 

Connect with Jynjo: SoundCloud|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Electronic · Indie


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