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VALNTN and Naliya shows us what "Sunday Love" is in laid-back love song

Los Angeles-based artists VALNTN and Naliya stroll through the cusp of winter with a beautiful soundtrack, laced with the intimacy of pure romance. Both equally accomplished as solo artists, the duo have come together for an unprecedented partnership in "Sunday Love", painted with a flurry of pop-soul arrangements and lush production.

Fusing their talents, "Sunday Love" is precisely the realization of what is imagined the aforementioned title; laid-back, smooth and woven with breezy synths, the duo seemingly stroll down a reverie of whimsical exuberance with a nod to a metaphorical fairytale. Naliya's honeyed vocals amplifies the relaxed nature of the track, pairing well with the soft percussions and funky acoustics for a warming, magical envelopment. Infectiously uplifting, "Sunday Love" is the epitome of young love, capturing the transcendence of emotions for the atmosphere we see in movies and the ones we dream about.

Connect with VALNTN: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Naliya: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Electro Pop · Electronic


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[…] For Week #40 of this ongoing series, we’ll be giving a listen to a track with a great beat that’s easy to dance to… Sunday Love… recorded by the LA dynamic duo, VALNTN & Naliya. […]