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Quebec City duo Fjord want you to enjoy their new single "If I Was To Call" with a glass of red wine

Quebec City-based duo Fjord reveal their second single from their forthcoming 'Shallow Waters' EP due out in January. The track entitled "If I Was To Call," is a soft and elegant ambient indie track, that floats along ethereal textures with gentle and heartfelt lyrical content. 

Fjrod remark, "The music takes its roots in the combination of the pedal harp, an instrument that is so dear to us, with a warm Rhodes and a lot of sonic textures, all glued together by a Juno-60 pad that has this unique color to it. Tim Bran, who co-produced the record with us, gave it a little bit of an 80’s power ballad feeling, but without the cheese that usually comes with the genre. It’s our personal favorite, preferably enjoyed with a glass of red wine."

The accompanying music video was directed and animated by Paul Laberge (who's done videos for Porter RobinsonElton JohnTinasheImagine Dragons. Fjords effortless use of a pedal harp melody, downtempo rhythms and layers of carefully thought out orchestral arrangements, has us looking forward to their album in January, which was recorded in Quebec and features live string recordings from the Quebec Symphonic Orchestra. Give it a view here and stay tuned into more Fjord content to come. 

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Ambient · Experimental


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