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Manila Killa hits humpday with a "Wake Up Call" featuring Mansionair

Manila Killa's latest, "Wake Up Call" featuring Mansionair manages to sound new and strangely familiar at the same time. 

The song's duality starts to forge itself with the digitally distorted opening vocals that ride atop commercially accessible EDM tunes. Then a beat swells up behind it, not your ordinary EDM beat, but the sort of tribal techno beat you might hear at a warehouse set as the sunlight beings to find its way through the cracks and openings of the building.

As the song continues retro synths & snares come in for a hair-raising crescendo.  "This song has a lot of meaning," Manilla Killa states prior to release, leaving that meaning open to speculation for the time being.  The lyrics hint of tragedy, "Dive into the deep end / I'm losing a good friend," which framed in the context of the title, "Wake Up Call," tell a story that unfortunately will be familiar to many. 

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