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Tush travels through cosmos “To Darnelladon (And Beyond)” [Video Premiere]

Leave your worries at the door and step into the vibrant colours and sounds of Toronto's Tush. Powered by soulful powerhouse Kamilah Apong and producer/DJ Jamie Kidd, Toronto's Tush is on a mission to revive disco music in The 6 and beyond. After spending the last two years playing some of the city’s biggest festivals, Tush is back with the electrifying new video for “To Darnelladon (And Beyond)”, the first visual from their upcoming debut EP, do you feel excited?

With the edgy boom-bap of hi-hats, sticky synths, and groovy bass, the song takes off on a colourful explosion of utter exuberance. “To Darnelladon (And Beyond)” is a message about intentionally stepping out of the darkness and into the lucid galaxies in ourselves. It’s about realizing that the magic in life is not so far to find when you look within.

With rhythmic ferocity, “To Darnelladon (And Beyond)” jolts listeners into a euphoria of polychromatic vibrations. Stardust particles float curiously over the funky beat as Kamilah enthusiastically guides listeners into the exciting journey towards Darnelladon. Transposed silhouettes and colourful animations set the tone with an impressionistic joy that can only be found in the act of letting your guard down.

Dive headfirst into Tush’s funkadelic new escapade and watch the video for “To Darnelladon (And Beyond)” above.

Pre-order Tush's debut EP, 'do you feel excited?' here.

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