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Hear 44 Ardent's impressive debut, "FADING 22"

Another impressive talent out of the electronic scene in Australia is gearing up to make his debut. The producer who goes by 44 Ardent will release his first single, "FADING 22," via Mammal Sounds Records this week. And while the identity behind this project prefers to put his or her music first rather than a face, it's fitting since the music stands so strongly on its own. 

"FADING 22" begins with an intimate, inviting progression, and as the song develops, emerges as a beautifully accessible cinematic journey. Inspired by the sounds of nature, the song's intimacy relates to nature as a bigger force and our lack of control over it as people. From powerful lightning and thunder to everyday petrichor, nature's productions can feel awe-inspiring, and "FADING 22" does a great job emulating its vastness. Timely, isn't it? Hear the track here first, and get it on other streaming platforms here

Connect with 44 Ardent: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram 

Electronic · Progressive


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