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Siobhan Heard shares emotionally riveting single "Missed Call"

Texas-born, LA-raised musician Siobhan Heard has delivered an emotionally relevant track coated in sublime harmonies and beautiful orchestration in "Missed Call". Completed after the unexpected death of Heard’s girlfriend and musical partner, Samantha Purple, "Missed Call" is a deeply intimate and soulful song that brings the theme of 'loss' to life - intricately conveying Heard's crushingly personal lyricism at the forefront.

The lush downtempo production weaves a genuinely emotive narrative, encapsulating the feelings of loss in a deeply heart-wrenching way. From her silken vocals to the twinkling reverbs, Heard shines throughout, grounding herself in a soundscape of inventive future R&B arrangements delivered with heartfelt precision. Around the one-minute-fifty mark, Heard weaves in a voicemail from Purple to herself, giving us a piece of their souls and memories to cherish - and helping us to understand their love.

""Missed Call" was actually the last song that I wrote for Samantha while she was still living," Heard notes. "I started working on it one evening after we’d gotten off of the phone with the intention of giving it to her when it was finished. But, she died unexpectedly before I’d had an opportunity to finish the song."

"Missed Call" is the final offering before the release of her Heart-Beats: Vol. I EP; written by Heard herself, the EP features beautiful production from Chucky Kim and other collaborators for a heartfelt exploration of grief, memories, pain, and early recovery.


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