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Midnight Pool Party have a funky new single "Stand A Chance"

Straight out of Sydney, Australia the electro-pop duo Midnight Pool Party radiate positive vibes and upbeat energy through their musical output. They're regulars for our readers, sincerely "crafting addictive electronic dance music," as they put it. Retro sounds, jazzy attitudes, and smooth vocals, are the makeup of their work. They returned with a brand-new infectious disco-dance treat called ‘Stand A Chance’.

The single is the first listen off their upcoming sophomore EP.  “We really experimented with this one, and it is the first single we 100% wrote, produced and mixed ourselves" the duo explained, "we wanted to really push ourselves in the way we constructed the whole song, from the way we approached the melody, to the lyrical content, to the beat and instruments we used.” Prince-esque vibes, playful basslines, and just the right amount of groove to get your feet moving, "Stand A Chance" is a refreshing new beginning for Midnight Pool Party.

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