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And Who releases groovy tech-house track "Perfect"

A rising project guided anonymously by one half of one house music’s most established acts, And Who is definitely making his mark upon the genre’s ever-changing landscape. The enigmatic producer is back with another groovy, bass-driven tech-house track, "Perfect". Since the release of "Records", the Boom Boom Longtime label boss has shown no signs of slowing down and instead, is driven to continue releasing even newer, fresher materials. 

"Perfect" perfectly encapsulates And Who's signature production style and has the ingredients of tech house grooves down to a tee. Introducing organic percussive patterns and resonant bass hits from the off, "Perfect" reveals a rolling groove-heavy cut that combines trademark infectious vocal hooks, ever-evolving synth leads and tight-knit drum licks throughout for a truly unique soundscape. Notably the organic percussions give rise to And Who's abilities as a producer, helping to shape another club-ready hit.


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Tech House


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