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Nightseason deliver their first music video with "Nothing Calms my Mind" [video]


The drummer and singer duo known as Nightseason return with the visual for their song "Nothing Calms my Mind". 

The title may seem rattling, but the record is ironically both quite solemn and soothing. Lead by the emotion-drenched vocals of lead singer Jordan Caiola who dwells on his personal struggles with love, life and everything in between. Caiola fully admits his flaws over the rich guitars and slow-paced drums courtesy of his drumming partner Patrick Zeinal. The overall combination makes for a heartfelt listen.

The visual for the single is directed by Nick Sokoloff. Seeking the group after discovering them on Soundcloud, the video beautifully display's the story of the song. Shot in Bali, the aesthetics of the waves captures the feel of the soothing production. "Nothing Calms my Mind" marks the first music video for the duo. Taken off the duo's upcoming EP which will see the light of day later this year. The project helps the two find common ground over recent rough breakups, which also provided inspiration for "Nothing Calms my Mind". The track sees Nightseason put feelings out there whilst turning alt-rock on its head.

Connect with Nightseason : Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Official | SoundCloud


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