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DallasK has been "Looking for Your Love" with alluring single [Premiere]

DallasK's unwavering diversity when it comes to production has cemented him spots to produce with artists like Tiësto and Fifth Harmony. He takes his signature electro house style with a fresh and new pop/songwriter style to let loose on "Looking for Your Love." 

This fiery track solidifies itself with a four-on-the-floor with a heavy groove, grungy bass, and feverish percussion that flows effortlessly throughout the track's entirety. DallasK's widened vocals take over the melodies with stadium-like sound and effects. Furthermore, the edgy percussion that DallasK has utilized sprinkles in a hint of sharpness and anticipation. 

DallasK acknowledges the emotional and personal depth of this new release, explaining ""Looking For Your Love" is a song I wrote about my struggle with the balance between work and being in a relationship. I was at a point where I had been touring and working on so much and knew I needed to focus on myself. I had just met a girl and "Looking For Your Love" is my inner dialogue about letting myself fall in love." 

Connect with DallasK: SoundCloud|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Dance · Electro House · Pop · Pop House


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