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Jersey Club King DJ Sliink and Bronx-based artist Axel Leon share "OMG"

If you remember the rise of jersey club, then you most certainly know, Jersey Club King DJ Sliink. We've been bumping his music over at EARMILK since the start, 2012 to be exact. This week he collaborates with fellow North Eastern artist and Bronx rapper Axel Leon for "OMG."

When Sliink gave the low down on the single, he shared, "I’ve been at the forefront of Jersey Club pioneering and pushing to expand the sound and the culture my whole life. Supporting the younger kids in the scene; mentoring, helping, sharing my sample packs & drum kits, remix and production opportunities, my contacts, etc -  and trying to wear the title of Jersey Club king with honor.  What I realized is that some of the sharing community that defined the jersey club culture I came up in- has been missing the last year or two.  As it's grown and I've grown, my mission is to expand Jersey Club and push its boundaries. I want to bridge gaps and join my sound with styles & artists I love. Axel Leon is one of my favorite New York City rappers. He spits straight fire and can do it all, from crazy freestyles, to hype af songs. OMG is taking club music and bridging it with true NYC hip hop. It's gonna make the streets go crazy from Jersey to the Bronx and global!" Sliink has been on the come up since his early releases, bringing in support and collaborations from the likes of Fetty Wap, Skrillex, Wale, and Zak Leever, Bad Bunny, Eminem, and Smoke DZA, to name a few. If you like any of these artists you'll certainly like this new tune. 

Connect with DJ Sliink: Soundcloud I Facebook I Twitter


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