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Shelf Nunny's new release is a soothing "Daydream" featuring Zubin [Premiere]

An electronic reverie of rolling melodies and shimmering synths, "Daydream" marks the advent of producer Shelf Nunny's third EP release titled Different Light. The Seattle-based beat-maker, known for his ethereal alternative soundscapes, teams up with Philadelphia rapper Zubin for the track, grounding themselves for an effusive welcome of calming zen. Official release of the song is slated for tomorrow, November 9th.

The ambient minimalistic landscape Shelf Nunny weaves is but a daydream - a hazy world of echoes and drawled out croons that reverberate deep into the soul. The unique collaboration with Zubin is a match made in heaven; his soothing vocals add an intrinsic layer of intimacy that rings true for listeners and is an accompaniment to the evoked intoxicating heart-wrench we feel through each rise and fall of his croons. Twinkling and flickering, the subtle music box sounds along with the subdued radio crackles make for a track that induces an overwhelming sense of wistfulness, whilst maintaining an aura of zen.

Different Light will be released on November 16th. 

Connect with Shelf Nunny: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Connect with Zubin: SoundCloud | TwitterInstagram


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