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J Appiah's "Blinding" exposes hard truths about fame

East London singer, songwriter and musician J. Appiah delivers a haunting single titled "Blinding".  The self-reflective record exudes an ominous vibe with solemn keys and enthralling background hums, sounding like something you might find in a horror flick.  The record sees the singer examining his status within and outside the industry as his career develops. He looks at the situation from different viewpoints as he tries to maintain his humanity in an industry which peddles idols like commodities to the masses. His expressive and emotion-filled vocals paint the picture of a man torn between fame and retaining his soul at all costs.

Appiah’s "Blinding" is not a heavenly number, but musically drives elements of Hip Hop beat, shades of blues and gospel emanating from his soulful vocal delivery, beautifully assisted by Submotion Orchestra’s Ruby Wood. Petitioning for forgiveness and invoking the blinding lights, Appiah cleverly subverts classic musical themes, reviving them in the context of a cautionary tale.


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