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Clean Bandit teams up with Marina and Luis Fonsi for vibrant single ‘Baby’

Ahead of their forthcoming album, UK electro-pop trio Clean Bandit has successfully made another catchy earworm— this time with a fresh, distinctive Latin flavor.  The Grammy award-winning band’s newest single, “Baby,” features Marina (of Marina & the Diamonds) and Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi. Together, the group delivers a wistful dance track about pining over a lost love.

Clean Bandit knows how to assemble a team, as was apparent when they tapped Sean Paul and Anne-Marie for "Rockabye" and Alex Newell and Sean Bass for the soulful bop "Stronger." But the recipe for “Baby” is likely the best example of an unlikely mix of ingredients working together to create a spicy, delicious treat.  Who knew that Welsh singer Marina’s sensuous, rich alto would be so fitting over a flamenco guitar?

Despite telling a story of regret and longing, the composition of the song is bursting with a lively melody, soaring trumpets, and a galloping, danceable beat. The percussion itself has tinges of the powerful bass that usually takes center stage in Clean Bandit’s usual electronic catalog. Marina reflects on a whirlwind romance, but ultimately admits that it’s time to move on because she is settled in a new relationship: “You fell through the cracks in my hands /  Hard to say it's over / But I’m already someone else’s baby.” Fonsi, however, on the other side of this push-and-pull, isn’t giving up so easily: “Sé que te gusto a ti todavía por mucho que digas / Además puedo ver en tus ojos que no sólo quieres quedar como amigos” (“I know you still like me no matter how much you say/ I can also see in your eyes that you don't just want to be friends”).

Clean Bandit’s album What is Love? drops November 30, and features collaborations with more artists such as Ellie Goulding, Charli XCX and Demi Lovato. Watch the music video, featuring Clean Bandit's Grace Chatto and Australian singer Starley here:

Connect with Clean Bandit: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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[…] Clean Bandit teams up with Marina and Luis Fonsi for vibrant single 'Baby'  EARMILK (blog) […]

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