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Campana looks to his past on "Forgotten" [video]

Hard working emcee Campana is back with yet another poignant record titled "Forgotten". His previous video "All year" had a solemn vibe but, with this new record, Campana has found a slightly upbeat and soulful feel courtesy of producer Jim-E Stack. Campana really gets personal from the jump, pulling the listener deep into his past. He starts off with "I push it to the limit since I started/ Then I left my home at 17 and got my own apartment..." which sets the tone for the rest of the song. He doesn't shy away from letting us know his troubles and trials along the way which in itself makes the record more relatable than anything else.

The Dylan Fout directed video is somewhat cryptic and quirky, but sure has a deeper message hidden among the visuals. We see Campana dressed in a black suit running through the park for a while until he is finally surrounded by two mysterious figures who then proceed to circle around the young man while the credits roll out on the screen.  We will let you decipher it. Just hit the play button.


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