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Linney is the sweet "Substance" of our choice

LA-based singer-songwriter Caitlin Linney, known under moniker Linney, is driven by sheer passion and authenticity. Her unabridged dedication and hard work has won her repeated success as she steadily ascends the pop music ladder. Following appearances on ubiquitous dance labels such as Enhanced and Armada, Linney's chillingly-sweet vocals have made their way back again via "Substance", ahead of its official release tomorrow, November 2nd. 

Opening with lush guitar riffs, "Substance" immediately places us in an ambedo - a lulling trance of vibrant synths and rolling drum melodies floating amidst a reverie. Linney's honeyed lyricism, in calling the other person her "substance of choice", weaves a relatable narrative that is both riveting and visceral, settling listeners into a dream-pop love story. The pensive lullaby that envelops the evocative lyrics, is but Linney's way of drawing people in, of expressing her innermost feelings.

Ethereality is the essence of "Substance" and we can vividly see it through the reverberating vocals, emotional pleas heard loud and clear. All in all, Linney perfectly captures the genuine earnestness of love and flawlessly conveys these feelings in a heart-wrenching track fit for the everyday. 

Connect with Linney: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Dreampop · Pop · Premiere


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