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Yugen Blakrok rises with the lyrically dense "Carbon Form" [Video]

South African experimental hip-hop emcee Yugen Blakrok may not be a household name yet but she made waves early this year when she appeared on "Opps" off the Black Panther movie soundtrack alongside Vince Staples.  Far from a newbie, she has a bunch of projects under her belt and has done numerous European tours while keeping the music authentic and original. She doesn't conform to the expected and relies on dark, solemn soundscapes for her unique lyricism that dwells on science, feminity, mystics and then some.

On her newest release titled "Carbon Form", she takes it back to the essence of life using the carbon element as an inspiration. She breaks down the duality of the female entity with dense lyrics with the aforementioned element as a motif. The cinematic soundscape provided by producer Joel Assaizky is just the perfect canvas for the graphic picture being painted by Blakrok but the visual takes it up a notch with its vivid representation and abstract aesthetics. In case it went over our heads, she breaks it down as follows the divine feminine is portrayed in a field (representing nature), within a church (representing religion) and in shadow (representing space and the cosmos).

Get "Carbon Form" on Soundcloud and Bandcamp

Connect with  Yugen Blakrok: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | SpotifyInstagram

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