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Introducing DeModa and his remix of "Shelter"

New York City's DeModa is the plain and simple, the manifestation of the next generation of electronic producers and DJs. With the influence of the city around him, an understanding of nightlife (and in turn, what it takes to be a good DJ), Dave Johnson really emulates the meeting of two eras of dance music: that in which SoundCloud remixes where the way to get noticed, and our current return to where original music is king.
Calling his music "alternative," DeModa's sound is another indicator of the boundless nature of the world of electronica. It's an environment where genre is out of style, and originality is in, but finding that originality is as usual, the hardest part for any artist.
DeModa appears to have found his calling in a unique mix of indie and dance music. That description might sound familiar too, as it is how you might describe the latest from electronic stars Madeon & Porter Robinson on their latest collaboration, "Shelter." And that's right on the money, as DeModa set out to make "Shelter" his own.
"Upon listening to the original, I was immediately seduced by the shimmering synths and vocals. In my head I could hear the groundwork for the remix, but almost didn’t try, fearing it would be sacrilege. I’m glad I went through with it, because I really love how it turned out, and how it introduces the new sound I’ve been playing with, which includes a lot of live instrumentation. Most importantly, I hope it makes you want to dance."
With a laid back and uplifting beat that could be called future, pop, electronica, and a range of other things, DeModa has somehow made "Shelter" more outer worldly in an uplifting way - potentially, a great sign for his budding career.

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