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The Great Escape soars with their blend of cinematic classical folk

The Great Escape have just released their latest single, “All You Got Is Gold,” and its simplistic folk at its finest. With striking acoustic instrumentation and soulful raspy vocals, they strive to create emotive lyrics that strongly resonate with others and “All You Got Is Gold” is a prime example of just that. "Music is pure emotion, our mission is to touch people’s hearts, to light them up, to empower them. Music is a superpower,” confides guitarist Malte Hagemeister.

Influenced by greats such as Nina Simone and The Beatles, the band produces music that embodies freedom, love, and happiness. The track is all about being true to who you are and embracing your authentic self. Though it may be hard at times, we should follow our true purpose. That meaning rings true, making the song a deep and empowering anthem.

The three-piece Venice, California natives generate astonishing pop folk music with classical undertones.  Their sound showcases foot-stomping soundscapes with dynamic energy, making them the success they are today. With numerous film and TV placements including ABC’s Grey's Anatomy and Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House among others, The Great Escape craft an unforgettable sound which is gaining much deserved attention. 

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