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'Exactly Mate' is the new delivery from Warehouse Music boss Mella Dee

Since the founding of Mella Dee's Warehouse Music imprint, the label has continued to deliver high quality music, you guessed it, best suited for cavernous venues with pumping dance floors. The DJ and Producer, real name Ryan Aitchison, today announces the arrival of Exactly Mate - the brand new EP on his much loved label.

The Exactly Mate EP consists of 4 tracks, all produced with the ethos of Warehouse Music in mind. Opening the EP is "Passing Me By", a track led by piano in Mella Dee's signature style with a mesmerizing vocal sample packing more than enough punch for the club. "Club Vibe" follows filled with groove and tinged with acid - it's hi-hat heavy, bouncy and perfect for peak time. Opening the B side, atmospheric title track "Exactly Mate" is a stripped back synthy number with a heavy bassline and "Out Of Love" closes, with tips of the hat to true, classic, feel good club music.

Mella Dee's Exactly Mate EP is out via Warehouse Music on November 30th and available to pre-order here.

Connect with Mella Dee: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Club · Dance · House · Techno


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