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Seb Wildblood shares "Leave It Open" from new EP 'Grab The Wheel'

Amongst the masses of electronic music in the UK, a name that stands out is Seb Wildblood - the South London DJ and Producer shaping his own style of jazz-infused sound.

Heading up both the Church and Coastal Haze labels, which have become infamous in the house scene in their own right, his third label all my thoughts will be home to Seb's latest EP Grab The Wheel. Moving out of the realms of his signature sound, Seb has created something for the dance floor with Grab The Wheel. The opening track, "Leave It Open" is a dip into the 90s, with chilled out pads reminiscent of the era and a twinkling, ethereal mix of dub techno. "Bad Space Habits" follows, with a nod of the head to UK garage and closes the A2 package. On to the B sides, "Grab The Wheel" is a light, airy, chicago drenched house bop and "Landing" closes up the 4 tracker - with a taste of the sound coming on his album.

On making the EP itself, Seb shared: "Three of the four tracks off the EP were started on either a plane, train or just being briefly in a location whilst not feeling entirely present. The idea of traveling through space and time was a constant thought during the writing process, especially considering the very human realities of being in such a condensed space whilst doing the exact opposite traveling through infinite space."

Seb Wildblood's Grab The Wheel is out November 9th via his imprint all my thoughts and available to pre-order here.

Connect with Seb Wildblood: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



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