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Malson's "life" is a melodic mix of experiences

Stockholm based producer, singer-songwriter, and rapper Malson team up with vocalists John John & Robi on his newest single "Life". 

The record is a smooth mix of R&B, Trap, and pop elements and succeeds in standing out with its undeniably catchy melody. This is a prime example of less is more as Malson crafts a mid-tempo multi-layered soundscape with a solid progression and head nodding drums to match. Topically the trio doesn't attempt to go over our heads and dwell on a topic everyone can easily relate to; a girl's life objection and everything that comes with it.

Malson also adds that the song was created in a day. On a fateful Friday night, the trio camped in the studio and wrote the verses as the instrumental was being crafted. Get it on Spotify.Malson IG: h 

Connect with Malson: Soundcloud |  Instagram

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