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Luboku's "50 Days" is a masterpiece both uplifting and melancholic

Melbourne’s producer/songwriter Luboku, or otherwise known as Luis Kennett, is no average-sounding affair. Known for his deep, shadowy productions, Luboku's soundscape is a swirling haze of harmonies, marked with dark and brooding melodies; they're tracks crafted into pieces of art both uplifting and melancholic. "50 Days" is the producer's newest release and indeed, follows the melancholy pattern.

Opening with sombre synths and husky vocals, "50 Days" visits the brooding soundscape he's crafted, stuttering electronica woven in through the melody. The irregular backbeat illuminates the lyrics, elevating the message to another level of wistfulness. All around calming, the tempo of the track puts one at ease and is a well reception to Luboku's skillset.

Of the track, Luboku says; "The initial demo of "50 Days" came out pretty fast - at the time I was confident in what I wanted it to sound like and I thought it was sitting really well, but a few weeks later when I revisited the track I wanted to change it. I went through about four completely different versions but in the end it was that first draft that I decided to go with, because it felt more honest. It’s funny how the process of writing the song mirrors the meaning behind it - "50 Days" is about trying to work through a feeling you’ve been sitting with, and I think constantly changing the song was my way of processing that feeling."


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