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Quinn XCII undergoes haunting transformation on "Werewolf" [Video]

Apart from the release of the deluxe version of his 2017 debut album The Story of Us, which featured four additional tracks, 2018 has been somewhat of a quiet year for Detroit pop artist Quinn XCII. The 15-track album implemented hip-hop, pop, and R&B elements throughout each song, solidifying the base of the singer's sound. His latest release and first since the deluxe tracks, "Werewolf," features Michigan songwriter and producer Yoshi Flower and embodies the same sonic elements that we've come to expect from Quinn XCII–but with an added element of gripping suspense and a video that only adds to the thrilling theme of the song.

The metaphor-filled track weaves its way through moments of high tension and an inability to move on from a failed attempt at a relationship, masquerading feelings of regret and loneliness under the guise of adrenalized production. What begins as an innocent skit-driven video featuring a gift exchange between two people quickly escalates into a Scream Queens-esque journey that matches Quinn XCII's description of the track as, "having an old 'somebody' in your life that you fear running into again, and the feelings and emotions you get when you do." Just in time for Halloween, "Werewolf," is peppered with many of the features we often associate with the holiday: sharp weapons, silver bullets, and blacking out at a party after running into an old love interest who traded you in for someone else.

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