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Lucinda Belle blends jazz and blues on "I'll Be Loving You"

Pop-noir singer-songwriter and harpist  Lucinda Belle introduces us to her unique brand nu-jazz on her new single " I'll Be Loving You".

The love-laden record is a rich acoustic guitar driven piece that is both heartfelt and nostalgic. Her deep, expressive vocal tone is definitely the first element that kicks in once you hit the play button. Musically she channels a wide range of emotions on this record. A huge dash of boldness garnished with sassiness and some femininity to match. On another note, she exclaims that the vintage vibe you hear is actually from her using a 1950 preamp, spring reverbs and a bunch of retro gear to achieve that warm feel.

" I'll Be Loving You" is taken from her forthcoming LP Think Big: Like Me. Fun fact: she got an Oscar nomination in 2015 for Best Song with “Going Nowhere” in the film For No Good Reason (Johnny Depp).

Connect with Lucinda Belle: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Main Stage · Nu-Jazz


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