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C. SHIROCK's "Confess Your Love" is intelligent pop at it's finest

A soaring upbeat anthem of taking the first leap in falling in love, indie pop artist C. SHIROCK  has released his highly awaited new single “Confess Your Love”.


Featuring genuine heartfelt emotive vocals and building textured soundscapes with rising synths, C. SHIROCK succeeds in delivering a vulnerable yet powerful vocal that is uniquely his own. Reminiscent of George Michael and Prince, C. SHIROCK’s music can be deemed "intelligent pop" with complex layers of keyboards and electronic programming.

Thematically, “Confess Your Love” is a passionate love song detailing the bravery involved in admitting your true feelings for someone and the first moments of a connection.  C. SHIROCK explains, "It tells the story of a couple meeting and their beginning…those little chance encounters that if we take them, can change the entire course of our lives."

Currently residing in Nashville, C. SHIROCK grew up in a family of musicians and has studied music from an early age.  Ready for a change, he left his internationally acclaimed band to pursue a solo project writing and recording refined pop music. The singer-songwriter has performed at major festivals across the US and UK and has had his music featured in multiple TV networks including MTV, NBC and ABC. C. SHIROCK is definitely an artist to watch. 

Connect with C. SHIROCK: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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