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Billie Eilish makes fan art reality in "when the party's over" [Video]

I don't think anybody can stop this train. Just in time for Halloween, Billie Eilish has kept up an unbelievable momentum with the release of a minimalist horror-themed video for "when the party's over."

The teen pop giant has consistently sold out tours around the world in the past year and became the first international artist to win a Brit Breakthrough Award. Her speedy ascension to the forefront of the pop music machine, along with her longtime producer and elder brother Finneas, is due in large part to her undeniable creativity.

She has amassed millions of fans worldwide, and when the opportunity arose, she paid a lucky fan back by using a fan art concept as the centerfold for "when the party's over." The video, which features a morose Eilish profusely leaking inky tears she swallowed herself, was given to her as a "piece of art from a fan that was a drawing of me with black eyes leaking." Eilish explains, "I thought it was visually really dope and I wanted to physically create it. I called everyone on my team and told them exactly what I had in mind. Everyone that worked on it was amazing and it turned out unreal!" The gothic video is currently the number one trending music video on Youtube. 

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