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Keiko Argentina connects with Desiire to beat the "Odds"

Motivation music will never go out of style, as we will forever need those inspiring sounds to give us that extra push of confidence to take on the world. Toronto-based emcee Keiko Argentina is looking to add a new song to your motivation playlist to help strengthen your conviction in life. The Zimbabwean born rapper and producer connected with fellow Toronto-based singer Desiire for his new single "Odds."

The self-produced single has a steady gradual build - beginning with muffled percussion then making its way to resounding 808s. Production also features a somewhat eerie yet soothing piano loop that is reminiscent to keys that could have been found on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Throughout the song, Keiko provides a insight into the odds he has faced and what has gotten him to this point. In describing "Odds," Keiko shared, "I wrote 'Odds' as I was preparing for my journey back to Zimbabwe. I hadn't been back since 2013, and I used the writing process to reflect and appreciate the journey it took to get me to this point."

Keiko and Desiire have previously collaborated ("Sweet Fire"), and they compliment each other well. Something about Keiko's tone and flow mixed with Desiire's raspy, soulful vocals touches your soul. Let's hope we can expect to hear more music from Keiko Argentina soon. Until then, beat the odds with "Odds" as your soundtrack.

Stream/Download "Odds" HERE.

Connect with Keiko: Soundcloud | Twitter |Instagram



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